Kreisor - Aytobach Kreisor (CD) Cover Art

Kreisor - Aytobach Kreisor (CD)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2002
Catalog number: rub36
Aytobach Kreisor lays down the mind-expanding heavy psych riffs on its self-titled second album. The trio draws from the usual sources, Blue Cheer, Hendrix, Cream and Deep Purple, so there's not much here you haven't heard done before. Which is fine as long as the artist in question does the job right and Kreisor certainly does. Guitarist Sehgal is a fine picker, keeping wankery to a minimum and riffs to the max while bassist Antony Zito and drummer Jeremy O'Brien keep the rhythmic fires burning.

One of the big things I like about 'em is how they mix fairly crushing riffs with an overall laidback, mellow vibe.

Aytobach Kreisor takes a very loose, hassle-free approach to playing and singing -- the riffs are Motorhead-tough and Deep Purple-thick, but Kenny Sehgal’s vocals have a Meat Puppets slackness that can either be boring or endearing. It works for me, but I’ve played this record a few times now and it’s finally started to come to life. I like that the guitars are mixed louder than the vocals. It emphasizes the nodding-off-at-the-tailgate-party feel of the album.