Meatjack/Damad - Split CD (CD) Cover Art

Meatjack / Damad - Split (CD)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2000
Catalog number: A.A.L. 005B
This is such an incredible pairing that I don't even know where to start. Do I start by mentioning that Damad is easily one of the most brutal bands around today? Or do I start by saying that Meatjack is some of the most drowned out and depressing noisecore I've ever heard? Damad is the most intense mix of brutal southern hardcore, as well as metal, punk, and grind. The vocals are so throaty and guttural, without being death metal. It's like taking Coalesce's Sean Ingram and slowing him down a bit. Only difference is, their vocalist is a woman.

Meatjack play some seriously harsh drowned out and depressing noisecore. The vocalist is just out there. Imagine mixing Today is the Day with Unsane, slowing it down a lot, and just adding ear-piercing noise to the mix. It's Steve Austin on downers. In the end, this is easily one of the best splits I own. An incredible mix of talent, diversity, and sheer force when it comes to brutal music.

Three tunes by the mighty Damad! Victoria does some crazy shit with her voice this time around and the band sounds tighter than ever! The songs are in the usual "heavy evil chaotic" tone as Damad is best known for.

Heavy Neurosis-style apocalyptic noise performed by Meatjack! Nice for those dismal days when you're feeling like the worthless piece of shit you are.

Two respected low-fi/noise/hardcore bands together on one split. Damad contributes three songs similar in style to their last full length, including crazy dual vocals. Baltimore's Meatjack bring us three songs of their patented Neurosis-influenced, Zeni Geva-style crunchy rock attacks.