Meatjack - Days of Fire (CD) Cover Art

Meatjack - Days of Fire (CD)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2003
Catalog number: A.A.L. 012B
Holy fuck! The dynamics and the combination of soul-shredding aggressive screaming with layers of somber melody works so well. This doesn't even seem like music that someone sat down and wrote, it's more like they tapped into some ethereal soundtrack to Purgatory.

Essential if you're into Unsane, Today Is The Day, Big Black, Godflesh or just really dig intelligent, varied heavy-but-not-metal music.

Days of Fire runs the gamut, but leans much more to the metal end of the spectrum while introducing a lot of melody; vocally and musically. This is definitely a CD you will want to bang your head to and throw horns while listening.