Hainloose - Rosula (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art

Hainloose - Rosula (IMPORT) (CD)

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Origin: Germany
Released: 2003
Catalog number: elektrohasch #101
‘Rosula’ is tight as hell, with each song stripped of fat while at the same time rich in dynamics and memorable riffs, chased by Haris’ clean vocals. Overall, Hainloose not only reminds me of Kinch - with perhaps a bit Colour Haze at their most concise - but also of some of the best and cleanest of the Swedish scene, such as Astroqueen, Honcho, and even Mammoth Volume. As you might surmise, there’s lots of desert vibing, but there’s also a leavening of a difficult-to-define sensibility that somehow reminds me of early 70s FM American radio; you know, before it totally sucked. Produced by Colour Haze’s Koglek, the sound is rich and full. Amongst all the heaviness, there’s also a kind of romantic feeling, as if this is the kind of music we’d all be sitting around the radio smoking to, if we lived in the utopia that underground music fanatics caught a glimpse of in the early 70s.

Agreed -- this totally rules. Another awesome CD from Elektrohasch --- like Pepper from COC fronting FU MANCHU, baby.

Hainloose from Munich are one of those groove rock bands all about thick fat bass line riffs, blues drenched tuned down sludge.

This CD reminds me of COC, ATP...Southern tuned down fuzzy goodness. Hainloose is definitely classic rock influenced (like who isn't?) and about just laying down thick line after line of heavy stoner goodness.

Get this one if you dig good stoner rock stuff that isn't just run of the mill...it's southern drenched goodness, classic rock rooted and just plain good...really as good as it gets in my opinion.