Autoa - Self Titled (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art

Autoa - Self Titled (CD)

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Origin: Spain
Released: 2003
Catalog number: autoa/ AR-006
Autoa is one of those bands that start to get under your skin right off of the bat...long before you realize there isn't any vocals present.

One of the finest instrumental stoner bands that I have heard so far, Autoa really throws down the jams on their latest self titled release. It's full of intense changes and simple hooks that draw you in from the start.

This album is painted with super precision parts and intricate guitar/bass riffs that keep your mind occupied and never a dull moment. Some of the songs are on the heavy side and could easily be compared to Sleep, while others seem more jazzy with single note riffs and little mood swings. It's very reminiscent of a lot of bands that are dishing out the same entree's: Clearlight, Spickle...Don Caballero... you get the picture.

Check out this one if you like progressive heavy stoner stuff with tons of changes and enough riffs to fill up an encyclopedia...Good stuff and right up my alley. Instru-Metal all the way!