Earthlings - Human Beans (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art

Earthlings - Human Beans (IMPORT) (CD)

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Origin: Germany
Released: 2000
Catalog number: CDHW 059
Spaced-out ambient noise traversing previously unexplored dimensions of the multiverse, stoner/desert psychosis in morse code, synthetic anti-songs to channel and read auras by. This is what Queens of the Stone Age wants to be when they grow up--in fact, Josh Homme appears on this album, as do Dave Grohl and Mark Lanegan.

Surrounded by the vasteness of the desert, earthlings? are mixing up timeless influences from Pink Floyd and Can with the avantgarde electronica of Pierre Henry or Brian Eno, and define their own genre between 70s glam and the evil 80s. Groovy, dark numbers ("Rock Dove", "Vegan Meth") change with mystic minimalism ("Piano Falls And Kills", "Lifeboat") and pop jewels like "Ground Control" or "Moons Over Millenium". Still we´re not able to describe the world of earthlings? appropriate, but with their ambient-neon-rock they push the borders a little bit closer to sub-space for sure. Mysterious, heroic, glamorous.