Saint Vitus - Heavier Than Thou (CD) Cover Art

Saint Vitus - Heavier Than Thou (CD)

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Origin: USA
Released: 1991
Catalog number: SST CD 266
Thoroughly ignored outside the deepest heavy metal underground throughout their long career, Saint Vitus only later received some recognition for their crucial influence over the late-'90s/early-2000s doom/stoner metal scene. In fact, it could be argued that Vitus followers such as Sleep and Electric Wizard pretty much learned all their lessons from Heavier Than Thou — a 14-track collection of Vitus' glory years with SST Records. Starting with the band's magnum opus, Born Too Late (which is wisely included almost in its entirety), and working its way back toward their eponymous Scott Reagers-fronted debut, the listener is given a reverse look at the band's evolution from lo-fi Sabbath enthusiasts ("White Magic/Black Magic," "War Is Our Destiny") to a pile-driving riff machine ("Look Behind You," "Bitter Truth") behind ex-Obsessed/Spirit Caravan vocalist Scott "Wino" Weinrich.