Avon - Dave's Dungeon (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art

Avon - Dave's Dungeon (CD)

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Origin: Italy
Released: 43154
Catalog number: HPS071
‘Dave’s Dungeon’ boldly follows Avon’s first LP ‘Mad Marco’ with a marked progression, rawness, defiance and certainly packs a punch! Recorded in Los Angeles produced by James Childs, the group is on fire! ‘Yello‘ kicks off the album clearly showing the band’s roots in punk rock delivered with an “in your face” clarity. Meanwhile ‘Terraformations’ settles you into a machine like “robot rock” ride, immediately providing the listener with classic Hernandez drums and Childs’ distinctive guitar style bound with solid bass riffing from Pasarell that tells a story of human conquest. Next in line is more “in your face” punk rock about personal memories gigging at the ‘Red Barn’ that is a famous venue in the California desert. ‘Hero with a Gun’ shows the band’s diversity with dreamy instrumentation, melody and production conjuring thoughts of California on the big screen. Mace Face is a “secret agent” style Avon standard that delightfully punches it’s way through to your heart! Side two explodes with ‘P51’ shredding Maiden Killers style guitar harmonics giving an apt description of the classsic american fighter aircraft. Kicking back in the desert with ‘Space Native’ and realizing how big and lost one can feel, only to snap right back to reality with ‘On Fire’ agreeing to disagree in a nodd to some schoolboy led heros.