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Kynesis - Pandora (IMPORT) (CD)

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Origin: Italy
Released: 42888
Catalog number: REX74

Kynesis was born in Turin in 2016 from a previous project ashes, moved by the will to search a different and innovative sound getting ideas from bands as like Cult of Luna, Pink Floyd, My Dying Bride, Deftones, Mogwai, Isis. The project has collaborated with various musician from Turin; today the voice is by Ivan Di Vincenzo, who shares with Luca Braga the guitarist role, rhythmic section consists of Giacomo Grillone on bass and Fabio Losano on drums. In 2014, after releasing a live CD, the band works on drafting the first full album "Kali Yuga", critically acclaimed for eclectic sounds. New album "Pandora" is about the Greek myth and then transpose it to the present day, using the theme of hope as thread, told through decadent tunes, dilated times and Italian lyrics. Recommended if you like: CULT OF LUNA, DEFTONES, MY DYING BRIDE