Machine Animal - Live in Wreck (Pink/Clear) (7 inch) Cover Art

Machine Animal - Live in Wreck (7 INCH) (PINK/CLEAR)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2016
Catalog number: VKR726
Zach got Dave drunk and before either of them knew what was happening, they were having a turn-up contest. It was like a rock and roll arms race-- extreme guitardation. Bill provided some professorial balance. He was already bearded, but his beard grew longer as songs were prepared by conventional means. Vincent finished his homework in-time, so he joined. Just no beard. Repeat-- no beard. Sideburns OK.

They liked the name Animal Machine, but there was something not quite right. They all wanted to be the singer, so they made a rule that no one wasn't the singer. Dave & Zack's beards were taking form but not Vincent's-- just sideburns. Red sideburns.

The songs were so fuckin' dumb. Just dumber than dirt. Dumber than that horse you fucked. Bonehead Rock. Inspired by some of the dumbest 70s hard & glam rock songs & bands, the dumb just kept getting dumber. Dumb and Loud like an animal.

Oh, how about Machine Animal, then? Zack shaved his old beard and grew a different one.

Shows. Shirts. Shit. Shinola. Nine hours in Sound House with Jack. Enough dumb material for a single Valley King, due out in October. Why not? They're just sitting around growing beards-- might as well.

Yeah, Machine Animal works way better than Animal Machine.