Goya - The Enemy (LP) Cover Art

Goya - The Enemy (LP)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2016
Catalog number: STB-23
The buzz saw grind that so powerfully embodies Goya is, on this four track EP, infested with a horripulation that sees the Arizona three-piece sounding creepier and more terrifying than ever before. Yet, therein the snaking grooves and blood-curdled fuzz savagery of opener ‘The Enemy’ is a danceability not to be fucked with. Sure, this is heavy, it punches with aplomb and has the subtlety of a 9.0 earthquake, but it’s also very fun, like some sordid doom metal disco centrepiece. The bounce of the beat that grapples with some highly potent Iommi-isms from guitarist Jeff Owens is tailor made for the party environment, the might and melodies of his vocal performance making it an instant earworm.