Various Artists - Meantime (Redux) (CD) Cover Art

Various Artists - Meantime Redux (CD)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2016
Catalog number: MER041

"The first time I heard "Unsung," I immediately fell in love... the drumming, the guitar attack, the disengaged vocals and the Brooklyn grit all captivated me, as it did for many others. Meantime was a post-hardcore masterpiece. It was new, raw and an amazing record from start to finish that had me and my bandmates completely hooked."

"Meantime was the defining noise-rock release for many of us coming of age in the early nineties," Vitali says. "Having a label and the ability to bring together bands to cover an artist's work of this magnitude is tremendously rewarding. It's like writing the ultimate love letter to the band or artist, covering their album from start to finish, as if to say, 'the work you made influenced us all so deeply, and we want to show you how thankful we are that you created this.' Meantime is a masterpiece and our intent in bringing together KEN mode, I Am Become Death, Kings Destroy, Ironweed and others is to say to Helmet that, nearly 25 years later, we still are in awe of the record you guys made."