Carousel - Tears of Stone (LP) Cover Art

Carousel - Tears of Stone (LP)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2012
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Hard, bloozy rockin’ from four Pittsburgh longhairs who those around town know from being one about town, mostly of local band provenance (and drummer Jake Leger’s reasonable resume, particularly as the drummer of the Karl Hendricks Trio). It’s a decent, steel-hardened attempt, the best of three being the sidelong “Tears of Stone,” 12 minutes on 12 inches of vinyl siding, sliding between a slow, hungover blues and a somewhat progressive section that fills up the middle. Something here sounds kinda stiff throughout; in an era where both Mount Carmel and Endless Boogie exist live/on record, any band daring to step in the early ‘70s model proto-metal expressive blues choogle mode is going to have to come up strong, but Carousel has a great, charismatic vocalist in Dave Wheeler, it’d be cool to hear what they have cookin’ now. There’s potential here for sure, mainly if they’ve got more swing/Bill Wardisms in them now and less of the blockheaded math rock that dominates the fills and locks away the expressiveness that should be coming through in music like this.