Porn/Merzbow - ...And the Devil Makes Three (Green) (IMPORT) (LP) Cover Art

Porn/Merzbow - ...And the Devil Makes Three (Green) (IMPORT) (LP)

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Origin: UK
Released: 2008
Catalog number: TCX01V
Limited edition on transparent green colored vinyl.

"...And The Devil Makes Three" is tilted more towards Merzbow's side, a noise album with occasional underpinnings of rock. Less accessible, more adventurous. Intriguingly, the oil and water of Porn and Merzbow gradually blends as the album goes on. Whereas "II" was a typical Porn track with a noise overlay, by the time we reach "XI," things have fused more completely. It's genuinely difficult to tell where Merzbow ends and Porn begins, resulting in a raging, twisting sonic stew that has only Crover's drums sticking out of the murk.

"...And The Devil Makes Three" is actually a fairly approachable album, one that takes its stereotypically harsh signifiers and arranges them in ways that don't require a deep understanding of noise dynamics (or heavy music) to appreciate. It IS space music, both in the extraterrestrial sense, and in the sense that it fills any room its played in, creating a sense of space that one can get sucked into without undue difficulty. It's powerful in a way that can be paradoxi ally relaxing, once the listener surrenders themselves to it: a genuine sense of wonder comes with the right kind of imagination. Feeling adventurous?

Japanese noise deity Merzbow has hooked up with Porn to create twelve tracks of what is basically a cross between a broken radio detuned to Stockhausen FM and that horrible sound they use to scare hedgehogs. Although currents of music do occasionally swirl through this sea of noise, the odd drum beat or swampy, juddering guitar riff, they're largely obscured by the tumbling waterfalls of broken glass, balls of maggots and boiling cauldrons of blood, gristle and fingerless fingernails doing battle inside your sound system. If you ever want to kill someone, but don't fancy the whole ball n' chain scene, just lock them in a room with a carving knife and this album playing at full blast. It’ll look just like suicide, but we'll know who's really to blame. Merzbow, that's who.