Icepick Revival - Distress Signal (CD EP) Cover Art

Icepick Revival - Distress Signal (CD EP)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2001
Catalog number: A.A.L. 007B
This some serious math stuff, and I love it. Fans of Dazzling Killmen's face of Collapse step forward and indulge. Three songs on this Distress Signal EP don't discriminate at all. Tight well rehearsed hard corechestrated ryhthms and tempo changes that will blow your mind. Great hardcore fun too for those that are into bands like Assuck and Man is the Bastard.

Think old Today is the Day mixed with some phenomenal hardcore and topped off with some extremely innovative songwriting. When I think a song is headed in a certain direction they do the complete opposite of what I expect. In my opinion, Icepick Revival are the future of underground heavy music.

The latest in noisecore obliteration courtesy of Louisiana heavy-handers ICEPICK REVIVAL. A nineteen-minute sledgehammer hoe-down of power and technical ability in the vein of heroes Unsane, Today Is The Day, Barkmarket, Dazzling Killmen, and even NoMeansNo.