Hour of 13 - Self Titled (Black) (IMPORT) (LP) Cover Art

Hour of 13 - Self Titled (Black) (IMPORT) (LP)

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Origin: Germany
Released: 2013
Catalog number: EYE 030
One of this album's greatest strengths is its consistency. The productions and tones used really evoke the classic era of late 70's/early 80's metal; the guitars in particular have that vintage Marshall roar that Wino commanded so well in The Obsessed's younger years. The riffs and songwriting are top notch and evoke tried and true metal masters like Pagan Altar, Witchfinder General, Candlemass, and Judas Priest, as do the vocals. The lyrics are very well written and convincing, as whenever bands venture into occult territories, they can come off as cheesy if they aren't delivered with passion and conviction. Fortunately Hour of 13 avoids this pitfall. This band is one of the frontrunners of the current pack of occult inspired doom bands.