Harsh Toke - Light Up and Live (Gold) (LP) Cover Art

Harsh Toke - Light Up and Live (Gold) (LP)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2014
Catalog number: TPE-163-1
The debut album "Light Up and Live" from Harsh Toke forges the new breed of psychedelic skate rock. Like a destructive wind bursting and shredding these six strings of space release some 5,000 notes circling and oscillating around timelessly and unremittingly in and out of the beating heart and core groove of the drums, the banging the bashing allows the bass to seem far out as a cosmic buffet of pounding and pummeling and punishing and as if underneath the ocean came an atmospheric astral plane of sounds infinite and fuzzed down to the bone do these keyboard ivories tickle as if lost in space. But out with the bull and in with the real, these 4 music lovers and jam crazed heavy seekers search to get that sound aloud and and make a ton of fucking noise while they're at it.