16 - Lost Tracts of Time (Color) (LP) Cover Art

16 - Lost Tracts of Time (Color) (LP)

  • $24.99

Origin: USA
Released: 2013
Catalog number: LASTHURRAH003
Limited edition of only 500 copies on color vinyl. B-side features an etching.

Stark, harsh and brutal are the only words that give weight to the sound of Southern California's (16). These three tracks are previously unreleased, recorded during the Zoloft Smile sessions. Prepared for vinyl by former White Zombie guitarist J. Yuenger, these songs have been born again with renewed fury for enhanced listening. Lost Tracts of Time includes the eerie midnight forest jacket and sleeve artwork designed by Lindsey Kuhn. The color of the vinyl is midnight sky mixed with opaque and translucent hues. The A side of the record showcases the three songs at 45 RPM while the entire B Side is an etching by Kuhn.