Baby Woodrose - Kicking Ass and Taking Names (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art

Baby Woodrose - Kicking Ass and Taking Names (IMPORT) (CD)

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Origin: Denmark
Released: 2014
Catalog number: AFROCD047
The tracks contained on this compilation represent the outskirts of the Baby Woodrose universe, from weird cover versions like '6654321' by The Troggs to 2 minute punk outbursts like 'A Good Day To Die', but what they all have in common is the uncommitted energy and instant excitement of an adrenaline kick. Some of them were created on the spot in the studio (Live Wire comes to mind) and others were meant as album tracks, but ended up as outtakes for one reason or another. They have been recorded over a number of years, in different studios and by different band lineups, mixed at different stages by different people and released by different labels from all over the world, so the sound might vary slightly, but they also represent a unique archival history of the band, compiled here for the first time. An excellent collection of rare B-sides 2001-2013.