Shrine, The - Bless Off (Color) (LP) Cover Art

Shrine, The - Bless Off (Color) (LP)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2014
Catalog number: TPE 165-1
Limited edition on color vinyl. Includes a download code for the album.

Alongside Fu Manchu, Kadavar and Red Fang is the Black Keys’ evil stepbrother The Shrine. Straight out of just south of Compton is the rocker trio whose fan base is the heart and soul of the Venice, CA skater community. The Shrine is Josh Landau on guitar/vocals, Courtland Murphy on bass and Jeff Murray on drums.

Often referring to themselves as “The Destroyers,” The Shrine formed in 2008. Nostalgia plays a big role both in their life and music; they specialize in heavy rock with components taken from psychedelic and good ol’ rock and roll. The psychedelic violence of The Shrine has built a cult following. Bless Off is a fun and simple record and a follow up to Primitive Blast. These guys hold onto the classic motif of havin’ a good time.

If you want to be simple, like really really simple, The Shrine is a skate rock band. What does that mean? Think about all the types of bands that skaters dig, and The Shrine celebrates virtually all of it. Stoner riffs? Thrash? Driving punk rock? They do it all, and seamlessly into one track. Take "Nothing Forever" from Bless Off for example. The song mixes elements of Black Sabbath-y riffs before settling into a punk rock groove, and feels just like the soundtrack to dropping into an empty pool. Also, "Nothing Forever", just like The Shrine as a whole, totally rips.