Big Scenic Nowhere - Vision Beyond Horizon (CD)

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Scheduled release date: Januaray 31st, 2020

Origin: ITALY
Released: 2020
Catalog number: HPS114

This album is a collaborative effort and even greater than the sum of its parts. The basic riffs and song structures were done by Bob Balch and Gary Arce, but the contributions from Tony Reed, Lisa Alley, Ian Graham, Mario Lalli, Nick Oliveri, Bill Stinson, Per Wiberg and Alain Johannes make this record what it is. There was never a discussion of what kind of music they wanted to make. This album is a unique gem, manufactured by multiple artists, including different atmospheres: from the melodic stoner mellowness, to faster tempos, to classic heavy sounds, but songwriting is never customary.

We can say, “Fu Manchu’s killer riffing meets the desert psychedelia of Yawning Man.” For sure that is something that’s never been tried before!

Bob Balch and Gary Arce together give life to an amazing new adventure which sounds fresh and dynamic.

The vocal parts are always choral and interesting. There’s a variety in the songs which always keeps the listener focused and intrigued about what’s next. This is a very special record and deserves your full attention, because we predict that over time you will hear different elements within it. So dig in and get lost. Let your journey begin.