Taiga Woods - Self Titled (LP)

Taiga Woods - Self Titled (LP)

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Origin: Denmark
Released: 2019
Catalog number: CTR016

Taiga Black Edition, Limited to 300 copies

Cursed Tongue Records is thrilled to announce the signing of Norwegian fuzz-rock-experts Taiga Woods for a release of their self-titled debut full length album in early 2019.

Taiga Woods plays an eclectic genre of heavy. Incorporating stoner rock, prog, psych and 70’s hard rock, on top you’ve got those catchy vocal harmonies. For fans of Queens Of The Stone Age, Spidergawd, Dozer, Truckfighters and Motorpsycho – it’s fuzzy, it’s psychedelic, it’s catchy, it’s heavy yet super melodic – heck it’s even poppy without losing integrity. It’s the perfect burst of energy you need on a grey autumn morning or the right soundtrack for a pool party on a sunny summer day. Whatever the setting, this album will ensure to keep your head bobbing along to the addictive groove and infectious melodies!

Evolving from a single-man band in its inception to a full blown fuzz-rock locomotive the current line-up of Taiga Woods features Erik Skundberg – Guitar / Main Vocal, Ole Ulvik Rokseth – Bass, Jonatan Eikum – Drums and Jøran Normann – Guitar. The band is looking to tour as much as possible and expand on the Taiga Woods sound and appearance. The future sure does look bright in the woods of taiga!

When Taiga Woods released their debut album back in September last year, it turned a lot of heads and garnered quite the notion and recognition from online zines, blogs/reviewers and stoner rock fans alike. We remember being blown off our seats by the sheer likeability and catchiness of ‘Taiga Woods’. The acclaim left the fans screaming for a proper physical release. However this didn’t immediately materialize and the stoner underground had to hang tight on this desire to spin a tangible edition on their turntables. It was at this point that Cursed Tongue Records contacted Taiga Woods and over a couple of months a discussion followed and ideas were exchanged and all the while the mutual interest of getting the tunes out on vinyl deepened and now the time has come to put action behind words.

Cursed Tongue Records has been eager to release Taiga Woods’ smashing album for quite some time and we are stoked that this burning wish finally has came to fruition. We are really looking forward to be bringing these smoking tunes out on high quality heavy weight vinyl in early 2019 to brighten the darkest of winter depressions with a rightful kick in your asses. A big thank you to Erik and the band for trusting us with this fantastic collection of songs. We will bring the goods \,,/