The Slow Voyage - Time Lapse (CD)

The Slow Voyage - Time Lapse (CD)

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Catalog number:NR024

Gentle and delicate journey through psychedelic atmospheres of interplanetary dyes.

"All the days", the theme that opens the work already shows us the path that the band follows. Multitude of effects and pedals with spatial ambience. A dynamic and hypnotic theme with many walks along the mast.

More traditional neo-psychedelia, even with an indie side, appears in "Close your eyes". Soft, rewarding, narcotic but enveloping at the same time.

The most spatial and hypnotic kraut-rock territories are also visited by Chileans in "Will you be back tomorrow". The fuzz guitar takes center stage.

Maintaining that spatial aesthetic "Wake up" uses canons more indies as he did in "Close your eyes".

"Take away" is a court full of psychotropics with which THE SLOW VOYAGE explore post-rock seas in which the melancholy becomes more languid.

Closes "TIME LAPSE" a more forceful cut, in what is an exploration of heavy psychedelia, with garage stains.

A quite complete disc, which shows that South American lands continue to come out more and band alternative formations that practice spatial styles full of lysery with great brilliance. - Denpa Fuzz