Starchild - Self Titled (Re-issue) (CD) Cover Art

Starchild - Self Titled (CD)

  • $10.99

Origin: USA
Released: 2015
Catalog number: TECD06
Starchild is one of the best bands out there. Some of the heaviest most grooving music I have heard in a long time. On top of that they have a strong sense of melody. This CD is highly addictive. It is a must have.

Starchild produces some of the most amazing cosmic space doom ever created. Each song is a masterpiece of riffing, spaced-out, drugged-out doom. The trademark echo vocals are there in spades.

Starchild has a lot in common with the latter day doom bands, YOB especially, given their knowledge of subtleties and nuances of the music itself. Starchild should appeal to everyone who reads this. They're heavy enough for the doom and metal folk, have enough straightforward rock to appeal to those of you who don't deviate into that realm and display exceptional musicianship to garner appreciation from lovers of music in general.