Asomvel - World Shaker (CD)

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Origin: Italy
Released: 2019
Catalog number: HPS102

World Shaker is dedicated to Jay-Jay Winter, the founding member of ASOMVEL, who was taken in a road accident in 2010. Carrying with it Jay’s attitude, grit, and determination this album is the first to feature the new line-up; Finnish drummer, Jani Pasanen, and Jay-Jay’s nephew, Ralph Robinson on bass/vocals.

Sticking to the traditions of the very best in rock ‘n’ roll, while remaining utterly relevant, World Shaker is eleven heavy metal songs to live your life by; this is the album Moses would have brought down from Mount Sinai.

"We'll be releasing World Shaker in May, through Heavy Psych Sounds. We've got 11 tracks ready to go; the best you've heard in a son-of-a-bitch long time!" - Ralph, ASOMVEL

Recorded September 2018 at The Stationhouse.
Produced by James 'Atko' Atkinson.
Mastered by Jaime Gomez Arellano at Orgone Studios.