Ethereal Riffian - Legends (CASS)

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Released: 2019
Catalog number: RBF023

“Legends,” leaves behind the ritualism that pervaded the four longform tracks of Aeonian in favor of a more direct, grunge-influenced style. Their sense of melody still holds sway, but “Legends” works in a context of hooks that’s new for Ethereal Riffian. More riffian than ethereal, if you will.”
[JJ, The Obelisk]

"A path is laid by Ethereal Riffian that leads from the 5 sense prison to beyond the veil of illusion and reveals the hidden realms from where comes the source of all that we experience."
[Al, Heavy Planet]

Ethereal Riffian is a dynamic four-piece hailing from Kiev, Ukraine. The band was formed in summer 2010. After spending several years and trying different musical styles, they have found sonic vibrations that sounded in unison with their collective consciousness. Their debut work ‘Shaman’s Visions’, came into existence in 2011 and became the result of band’s quest for the new sound.

Exactly in a year, the next release ‘Dkyil Khor’ (Sand Mandala) was added to the band’s discography. The twenty-minute meditational single was written for one of the expositions of the Arsenale-Biennale 2012 exhibition in Kiev, which was devoted to the transience of time and the search of self.

The second full-length album called ‘Aeonian’ was released in 2014 by Nasoni Records, Tartarus Records and Mulligore Production and generated over 40 positive reviews. The eponimous book, written by the band’s members, merged as a result of their intention to fully disclose the ideas and concepts of this album.

In 2016 the band’s discography was complemented by ‘Youniversal Voice’ live album and ‘I AM. Deathless’ EP and in 2017 the group released conceptual ‘Afterlight’ DVD, which summarized their 7-year musical journey. The band’s third LP is planned for release on Robustfellow Prods. in the second half of 2019.

Ethereal Riffian’s work is very well documented. There are two short documentaries (about the band in general and about its approach to merchandise), plenty of high quality live footage (including a DVD) and two official music videos from Ukrainian iconic director Viktor Priduvalov.

As a live act, Ethereal Riffian participated in some big events like Robustfest and Swampfest and toured Europe w/ Stoned Jesus in 2012, w/ Somali Yacht Club in 2014 and had a solo tour in 2016. The band is dedicated to providing powerful, yet transcendental shows which will immerse you into their music and dissolve you in the radiant flow of mesmerizing vibrations.

The band sincerely hopes that the message carefully integrated into their music can induce their listeners to open up the new facets of existence and kindle the light of their true self.