Ravenblack - Self Titled (CD)

Ravenblack - Self Titled (CD)

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Origin: CANADA
Released: 2017
Catalog number: FACE002

When the sound you are listening inhibits you from everything around you, it is a good symptom of what we will find later. It means we will enjoy a handful of songs. For this occasion there are five, and we talk about an Ep. The work of RAVENBLACK, which is called the Montreal band (Quebec, Canada), has managed to blow up the black feathers of its totem ... so we could define it. With a Stoner Rock that will not let us go to another matter, he grabs us and squeezes the body to let us know that our essence is his. We must be there, in front of them, listening to their sound, what they tell us, what they want us to hear and wishing that our ears do not listen to anything other than their music. There are already two occasions which I had to stop and see that the homonymous album of RAVENBLACK had finished with its five tracks ... I had to resume again to satisfy the lack of energy that I lacked in my veins. I needed to hit play again, and feel again to magnify "Ravenblack" again. Strength, forcefulness in many of the peak moments, and unexpected decay. Brakes very well placed between energy highs and riff explosions.

It could sound like “Stoner rock” grid, manual, but it is not. We believe that if you know how to put your ear well and listen to the background of the work, you will see beyond what a well-defined structure wants to show you. Songs like "1919", second in the position of the Ep, attractive, addicted, vicious for our challenge ... fade for a moment and forget everything. Yes, it's the only thing RAVENBLACK wants from us: Making us disappear from the world. Of course, you will end your rhythm in the mind and humming when you least expect it. The song really doesn't matter, they all come together, they will inject into the listener's mind a dose of music which we will enjoy every time we get back to “Ravenblack”.

Give your totem freedom. You will fly where the black crow decides to take you with the sound of its wings. - Doom In Aeternum