Bite the Bullet - Self Titled (IMPORT) (CD EP) Cover Art

Bite the Bullet - Self Titled (CD) (EP)

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Origin: Germany
Released: 2013
Catalog number: BILOCATION CD 13
This duo from Copenhagen, formerly in the now disbanded classic rock group Highway Child, propagates guitar-driven vintage music that reaches further back than your usual Sabbath worshippers. Bite the Bullet strongly rely on songwriting principles and vibes established from the 1960s on, prominently by bands from the so-called British Invasion. What you get on their debut is Rhythm 'n' Blues in its earliest form alongside psychedelic tinges such as spaceship-keyboards and handclaps in the reverb-laden (as are most of the tracks) "Hit the Ground", tinkling piano parts as well as noisy feedbacks throughout, the latter never destroying the actual songs, which the two piece happens to write rather well. This EP is comprised of five of them, ranging from the aforementioned across the hammering "Space Drums" to the dreamy "I Will Not Die", appealing particularly to fans of White Stripes or, of course, Baby Woodrose.

If catchwords like garage, Mod and Fuzz are no strangers to you, give Bite the Bullet a listen, also because of the quite unique androgynous voice, making the nicely melodic closing tune "My Soul" the highlight of this initial calling card.