Sod Hauler - Self Titled (CD) Cover Art

Sod Hauler - Self Titled (CD)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2003
Catalog number: Inimical-003
Sod Hauler from Seattle has a throttling tuned down heavy sound that reminds me riff wise of Weedeater and Sleep. Musically I really dig this 4 song EP. It's diversified from a lot of the 'just heavy' bands out there, these guys know how to build depth in each song, get downright pindrop quiet at times and really know how to shift moods quickly and intensely. The songs are strung together riffs of the heavy blues/doom variety with lots of changes for the person who likes long heavy progressive tunes. Very reminiscent of the same style of songs off of Sleep's Holy Mountain. The songs will be trucking along with a heavy riff, and then out of nowhere the riffs will slow down and change directions on the drop of a dime. The guitar tones are fuzzy and tuned down and drums and bass drive a rock steady foundation for the overall heavy crippling sounds.If you like Bongzilla, Eyehategod, Sleep, Buzzoven or Weedeater then you will almost certainly dig the sounds of Sod Hauler.

Super dynamic and ultra heavy! If you like YOB and Sleep you can't go wrong with Sod Hauler!!